Giving back to the universe.

I have always been grateful for my average existence.

I know that sounds odd, but there have been people in my life over the years who have had very, very

not-average lives. People who have struggled and fought just to get by. People who have helped open my eyes to the very real way that fate often is unkind.

It has helped me to look deeper within myself and ask the important questions about why I create.

Am I in this for the money? Well, yes, to a certain point. We all have bills to pay, but that's not why I create, why I'm inspired to capture memories. I spent many years behind the lens, never asking a cent for my time, building experience, learning my craft.

With that inspiration in mind, occasionally I offer voluntary shoots for extraordinary people and circumstances.

This includes my sponsored riders, my work with Heartfelt, as well as occasional compassionate work for regular, everyday people.

These shoots are mostly a very heavily discounted shoot with all images included, and are conducted in a way that most conveniently suits your needs within my availability.

What kind of shoots are we talking about?

It could be anything. From shoots with your elderly animals, to end-of-life memories for them. Weddings, maternity shoots and everything in between.

Shoots to commemorate pregnancy loss, family photos, elderly people, medical journey documentation, and funeral.

This is my way to give back a tiny piece of the gifts I've been given.

How It works

Usually by nomination from a third party, but sometimes I'll see your story on social media and reach out to you myself. The idea is that these shoots are for people in genuine need, or with certain compassionate circumstances that make me feel it's obnoxious to charge money for these memories.

After your shoot, depending how much work I have on, it could take a couple of weeks to receive your images.

I will not ever "upsell" or ask for money for more images, sell you prints, etc from these shoots. If we've talked about money, that will all be covered in full with a single payment.

I will never offer a compassionate shoot with conditions. You do not need to agree to have your precious memories displayed on my website in order to qualify for these shoots (but I always really appreciate it when you are kind enough to allow me to do so.)

Usually, I will send you a detailed email ahead of time to let you know what to expect from me during the shoots in terms of my time, and a number of images deliverable.

Whilst I understand that sometimes these are your final memories of a person or pet, I will not ever supply "all the images no matter how they turned out." You will receive a selection of images, all hand edited and given the love and care they deserve.

I also provide a kind and caring, compassionate professionalism, both mindful of my job and also invested in your circumstances.